Disquiet 0483- Type Set

The disquiet project this week was to record yourself typing and use it as the “beat” to your project. I decided it was easier for me to go full on ambient, since my typing really doesn’t follow a beat. More details on the project task here: Disquiet 0483

I recorded myself typing my latest podcast episode (out soon!) with my iPhone 12 using the Rode reporter recording app (HIGHLY recommend that app! Its solid and its free!)

Ported the sound into Ableton, and added some drones, some chords and some ASMR static type things. The chords and drone come in and out of focus, just like my focus when I am working on something. There is a pause in the typing about halfway through, I often have gaps in my typing when my brain needs to process what I am going to type. I think most people do that. All and all a nice exercise in ambient production, which is easy to learn but does take a lifetime to master in my opinion like many things. I enjoyed the project!

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