disquiet 0484- A Movable Heart

The leftovers of my pickle, eggs, cheese and grapes lunch.

This weeks disquiet project was to take a windchime track and put it in your space. It is based on the art of Chris Kallmyer which more can be found here: http://www.chriskallmyer.com/portfolio-item/2-hearts/

I decided to play the track on my old jam bluetooth speaker, which is actually a very powerful little speaker, and still does a great job. Recorded myself making said lunch of eggs, cheese, pickles and grapes and messing around in the kitchen. Used the Rode Reporter app on my phone just laying on the kitchen table. You can hear the cats’ fountain in the background sometimes, it only gets noisy when it is close to needing filling so I will have to do a full clean and fill on that soon.

Wind chimes are something that is always designed to be in the background of our lives, and I treated this as such. Unless you are in the classic movie Twister you really don’t pay them any mind.

Since I finished the disquiet pretty fast this weekend, I am planning on putting some work in on the Modern Spring, spent some time this afternoon working through the first movement, which upon analysis is actually several mini-movements in one. Unsure how I am going to treat that, but I at least have the opening pretty well set.

More later.

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