Busy Busy Busy

As I sit here with my second cup of the nectar of life that is coffee, I once again have some thoughts so far on my very busy week that I have had so far. Today always has been in my mind a day I wouldn’t go out, and like usual it’s turned out to be the nicest weather-wise of the week, proving that you can’t win them all.

Monday was pretty chill until we had to go to PT at the Drake Center. In typical Cincinnati fashion there was a wreck that caused backup and almost meant that I didn’t make it on time, which has always caused me stress. We did make it however. PT was good, evals are a lot of talking and less working/exercising and we went out for dinner after- my treat. I did get approved for water therapy and I will start those later this month. I also received the timing of my closing for Tuesday.

Tuesday was the “big” day. Closing on my former condo is something that my family and I had been working towards for a good while. The whole process was very smooth, and went well. I also received the biggest check I had ever seen in my life. It is the down payment on my new house, and I will want to lock in my rate as soon as I am able to. I am quite concerned about the fed raising interest rates. Overall I am relieved that chapter in this journey is over and I can look forward to my new place.

Those who know my family know that we have used the Elfa closet system for a fair few years. In my former place I was just starting to convert my closets to it, but I plan on installing the system in most if not all of my closets in my new place. Accessible organization and storage will be very important in my new home. I applied to be a brand ambassador for The Container Store which offers some nice perks which will help me on my journey to accessible closets. As I work through all of this I plan on blogging about the process, from the design center to installation.

Yesterday, Wednesday was yet another busy day. The morning I took care of some computer things, trying to get my car scheduled for service. The start button started acting up right before I got sick, and my Dad is currently driving it to work this week because of a title/temp tag snafu on his. Let’s just say that is a saga. I then went to outpatient OT for the first time. Once again Evals are a lot of talking, but Jim tested my strength in a lot of areas including my arms. He is going to help strengthen my core so my balance in my chair gets better. I also have my wheelchair evaluation next week with him so I am excited for that.

I am excited for the weekend! I will get some much needed social stimulation at the SWOEA rep assembly on Saturday. This will be the first time I have seen some of these friends and colleagues since the new year. Now I just have to figure out how to convince my Dad to take me to Columbus for the big state rep assembly in May.

Today I plan on knitting and laundry and listening to some podcasts. I have finished the first blanked for my new niece, and will be starting the Owl Blanket today, which will give me something to blog about that my sister knows about.

More later…

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