The EMG…aka controlled tasing

An EMG is one of the tests the neurologist suggested I get when I saw him in April. For those who don’t know what it is, it is a test that uses small electrical shocks to determine how well your nerves in the periphery of your body (arms and legs) conduct signals. I finally had it earlier this week and it was one of the strangest tests I have ever been apart of.

The taser.

Basically they send two levels of signals to test what is going on. They start with small signals which honestly I didn’t feel on my left leg. Then the bigger signals to contract the muscles, I felt those because they made my whole leg move! They then tested my arms. They mapped out where my nerves were with a felt pen

Where my nerves are located in my wrist

The next part of the test involved acupuncture needles with electricity. That was interesting and was done with the neurology. I guess it measures if my muscles are getting the correct signals at the correct time. The great part about this test is I received the results right away, no waiting! The neurologist said that all my tests on this were normal, so no peripheral neuropathy, no carpal tunnel etc. That means neurologically whatever is happening is either in my brain or spinal cord. I guess that is good and bad news all at once.

It just means I really need the MRI, which I am taking a step towards getting tomorrow with my pacemaker replacement.

More Later…

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