Upcoming Projects

Oof. Where to start. Snappy new computer, so many ideas, and not as much time as I would like.

As luck would have it, I basically had the Music for Teens Episode 2 pretty much already written, so look for that very soon.

Next, as the name of this site and my soundcloud would suggest, I love Baroque music. I have a fascination with it really. I also have a fascination with remixes, EDM and modernizing music in general. I could compose my own, but I have found I really enjoy remixing public domain classical music.

Since spring is coming up, I think I am going to start with the Spring Violin Concerto by Antonio Vivaldi, Op. 8. I am unsure if I will be using all software instruments, or recording some live instruments in my production, but all I know is I am going to remix and modernize it to my EDM tastes, which in full disclosure are probably full of tropes. My initial plan is to work through the seasons during the correct season in the next year.

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