Music for Teens Episode 1-2 now Live!

After a longer than expected hiatus, I finally got my act together and recorded Music for Teens Episode 1-2. I heavily cite and reference the 2015 APA Paper of the “Top 20 Principals for Learning and Teaching” in it so it is worth a read and a reference.

I touch how on what you learned in Elementary General Music Methods, about teaching music to non-performance groups, maybe doesn’t apply to teenagers, and why.

I go over my top principals and takeaways from the paper, and how they really help in teaching music to teenagers, and having them be successful at it.

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Other notes, is I did produce this in Logic Pro (my first project there!) The hardest thing for me was figuring out how to export the entire thing into one audio file rather than each individual “bubble” as I call it. I eventually figured out, but seriously, why did Logic have to call it “bouncing”? Small rant over.

I did upgrade from Live 9 Standard to Live 11 Suite today, so I will be playing around with that as soon as my educational status is verified again.

Today everyone is Irish, but don’t go too crazy celebrating if you are one to do that! More probably this weekend.

04- Addressing Western European Bias in Music History Music for Teens

When asked to revise and restart a course that hadn't been offered for the better part of a decade at my school,  I took it as an opportunity to diversify the topics addressed in a music history course.  Using Ethan Hein's blog post on Teaching Whiteness in Music Class,  I took a real reflective look at the barriers of music history and how it is not all about the Beethoven, Bach and Brahms.  I also address how to talk about the hard topics of past and current racism and classism in the music industry with students.Strategies are also given on how to implement student choice in assignments, and make assignments that your students will actually want to complete.  
  1. 04- Addressing Western European Bias in Music History
  2. 03- Are the Teenagers Alright?
  3. 02- The Teenage Brain and Music Class
  4. Why Music for Teens?

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