Busy Summer, but not in the ways I thought it was going to be…

I feel like I have done nothing but bow music this summer…

So, yeah. All the best intentions. I suppose I was so sick of my office from remote teaching that I decided that I didn’t need to spend any more time in it.

I’ve also become the music librarian for a local small regional symphony, and I feel like I have done nothing but compile, stuff and bow music this summer. I’ve been working on three pops concerts at once, and that is frankly a bit overwhelming and exhausting. Three pops concerts with 10-20 pieces each, plus bowings, stuffing, etc. is a lot to handle for a 30-piece string section. I also have to compile and stuff the winds, brass and percussion, and well, I never knew that percussion parts are like throwing darts at dart board blind sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE we are having concerts again, and I LOVE being the librarian, but its been a lot this summer.

I have been keeping my tech skills up, as I had to transcribe some string parts from band parts, and some flood damaged parts for one of the concerts this summer, so I flexed my MuseScore chops hard for about a week and a half in June.

On a personal note, another reason why I haven’t had the time or space for my podcast/blog and music making in general, is we found out that my Mother’s shoulder replacement failed (originally the ball was replaced when it was shattered in an accident 11 years ago) and basically she had a revision replacement. While in surgery, it was discovered her humerus was cracked, and that had to be wired to heal as well. Family of course comes first, and she and my Father have needed help with things during the recovery. They don’t live far from me (about 30 minutes) but considering my Mom won’t be driving for a couple of months, I now become the Mother-Uber while my Dad works.

I am playing the concert this weekend (the first of three) and I am looking forwards to making music again in a group. However, that is tempered by the fact I am having some numbness in my left hand, particularly the thumb, index finger and the middle finger. I am seeing a hand specialist this week, where I already know it’s 90% chance it’s carpal tunnel. Pretty much all string players have some level of this during their career, and I suppose it’s my turn.

Anyway, I will keep y’all posted on everything. Hopefully I can find a groove again.

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