Being AWOL

I know I haven’t been around for a bit. Life has been busy yada yada. I don’t like excuses, but lets just say I’ve been struggling mentally a bit and didn’t feel like doing much of anything but work that had to be done. That means school, and music librarian work and thats about it, mentally I just couldn’t do more. I have to have the grace to forgive myself for that.

That said, tomorrow is the last contracted day for school, and while school does figure a bit in my summer plans, I should have much more mental space to continue my podcast and blog, and other things.

I will be taking Avid Pro Tools 101 and 110 this summer, and starting the legwork of getting an Avid program going at my school, I also plan on retooling my music studio, of which the first bit with paint will be getting going soon!

So hopefully good things coming soon! Stay tuned here for more!

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