Mentally Preparing Myself to Get Out of Here…

Well, I knew it would happen eventually, that I would be getting out of a hospital setting. Word came down late yesterday that I am getting discharged from here because I no longer need 24 hour nursing care- which is great- but that doesn’t mean I am fully prepared to be at home (which is now my parents house). I am leaving on Sunday 2/6/22 to transition back to a home setting.

My new wheels

Today due to the ice storm, I had all of my therapy back to back and early, I was done before noon. I also had an hour long meeting with the wheelchair fit specialist from NuMotion. I will be getting my own custom rigid frame manual wheelchair a model similar to the picture at right. I’m even going with this sort of color scheme, y’all know I love my purple. I may be leaving the rehab hospital with Mathilda, but I will be getting my “bridge chair” by early next week so I can get used to this type of chair, it won’t be exactly to my specs but it will be “close enough”. My chair will take anywhere between 3-6 months to build and come in with paperwork and all the associated things.

Next week I will be setting up home health, OT and PT. Especially with it being the winter, and Ohio, I don’t see myself going out a lot, but I do need to touch base with my Primary Care doc for various paperwork like FMLA, Handicapped Placard, and disability paperwork. Even though I am not getting therapy every day, my hope is to use home health therapy services for as long as I can, because I know the waiting list for the Drake Center (where I want to go for my Outpatient) is at least a few weeks and maybe more, but I will WAIT for that outpatient therapy. I will need some rides until I am certified to drive again by physical therapy, and while my Mom is willing and able, she also cannot do it all, so I will need some fill in rides here and there.

So many things to consider. So many things changing. It can absolutely be overwhelming. I am mentally tired today, so that is it for now. More later…

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