Home 2.0

Like Arnold, I’ll be back. #wintheday #govikes

Yesterday, was a big travel day. Got everything gathered, my Dad came about 11am and we were on the road and home just after 12 noon. My parents, sister and brother-in-law and some of my friends did a ton of work to get my Schultz Rehab area ready, and I arrived home, or at least my home for the near future. The day was taken up with me participating in the setup as much as possible, getting my scripts, and getting settled in, and my first real cuppa in a few weeks and it was glorious!

This nurse has bad breath.

Animals are an important part of recovery and well, Dixie is my new nurse. She does wellness checks, and although her breath leaves something to be desired, she is a welcome addition to my care team. She is enjoying the fact that my bed is lower and she can jump up on it. She does not like that I have taken up residence in her favorite chair (the white one) Overall she has been respecting my space as I move around, whether with the walker or with the wheelchair, so that’s good that she realizes she cannot be underfoot. I only hope I have as much luck when the cats arrive.

Yes! Coffee in my Favorite Mug!

The coffee situation is much better here. I have my most favorite mug, I have my Highlander Grogg coffee, and a variety of others, plenty of half and half and my stevia sweetener. Getting coffee is something Mom has to help me with, because I’m not stable enough on the walker to get my own, and I haven’t figured out wheelchair with a coffee mug yet. I have figured out how to get water in my water bottle so that is some independence, and I with some gathering assistance I made my eggs for brekkie today and did a load of laundry because Mom is refusing to do my laundry lolz.

PT came today at 10am, just to make sure I am safe moving about the house, which I am, I just have to take it slow. I have bed exercises to do, which I didn’t do today because I haven’t had muscle relaxer since I left the rehab center yesterday morning (about 10am) and my left leg is currently locked in a spasm and it is quite painful. It has been “in the robot” at Kroger for like 3 days, supposedly it’s done now and I just hope I can get it to relax so I can sleep tonight. I am expecting a nurse visit tomorrow at 11am. I’ve also made a follow up with my primary care for late next week, and fingers-crossed the wheelchair guy comes tomorrow with my loaner chair.

That’s all for now. More later…

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