Keeping Mentally Active During Recovery

My Mom said to me late this week “do you ever stop and turn off?” and my retort at the time was “I turned off for about three weeks already while I was in the hospital and in rehab.” My parents, while still active in their own ways, are in the slowdown phase of their life, which is somewhat influenced by my Mom’s day to day energy levels with her rheumatoid arthritis. The fact is, I am struggling a bit with not having the day to day get up and go do things of my teaching job, but I also realize that I cannot physically do that right now. I am also struggling with the fact that I need their help to go do anything, I can’t just go and do like I have done since I was a senior in High School really. So what is a girl who is used to being fiercely independent do?

Me and Mr. Mozart

I do have some things to do, and I am the librarian for BPO so I have been working on prepping that music as time allows, mostly making sure bowings are good to go for our upcoming concert this week. If you are local to Cincinnati, and fancy a concert next weekend, come see us at the Fitton Center for the Creative Arts in Hamilton. Links to tickets that may be left is right here.

Minor Cooking Duties

I am also trying to help my parents out some, I am not trying to freeload at all, and I ask my Dad to annoyance if he wants me to help out with grocery money, or other expenses and he basically says “no save your money”. I can’t say how grateful I am with that because I am facing a house transition and some hefty medical bills. However I do try to help out where I can, like with cooking, and while I can’t do everything, I can do a lot! Last night we had tacos, and I browned the beef and warmed the beans, other nights I did all the cooking/prep this week for some pork chops, some baked chicken, and I’ve been able to regularly get my own lunch/breakfast. This helps me feel like I am helping and contributing where I can.

I also have knitting, which I haven’t done a ton of this week, mostly because I was settling into my room, and figuring out how to play in a wheelchair, plus all of the communication I’ve been doing. I don’t see much knitting getting done this week mostly because I have rehearsals (yes I am going to play!) on Thursday/Friday/Saturday but I anticipate I will get moving on the knitting after that.

I also play Pokemon, I am working my way through Arceus right now, and I must say I love the gameplay on it. I only have a switch lite, but it’s still pretty brilliant. I hope to get out and about more soon, but while I am more homebound, I still have plenty to do!

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