Moving in all directions at once

This has been every day recently

There is a reason that I posted the photo above as the cover for this particular installment. Everyday has brought its own crazy challenges, from my Dad being absolutely stubborn about an infection on his legs, to starting the process of selling my place at breakneck speed. Everyday is filled with research, discussions, and ultimately decisions that are going to affect the everyday actions of my life going forward for a long time, and it is a lot.

Is that you Mom? Is that really you?

However today was a joyous day, after 5 weeks of not seeing my babies I reunited with them today! At first they were like “Uh Oh- Mom is home.” and were a bit like, “Mom you smell weird”. But then they would not leave my side so I know they will all be okay. They were a little intimidated by all the activity this afternoon. It was me, my mom and some friends helping to start the process of getting my place ready to sell. I went through the kitchen cabinet by cabinet with my friend, and we tossed a lot of things. I have been through roughly 15 moves with my family and myself (including all the college moves) so I know by this point what can be stored, what can be saved, and what should be pitched when moving.

Just a small portion of my clothes.

The big task after that was going through and sorting my clothes. I will be first to admit I probably have WAY to many clothes. I also haven’t weeded out, truly weeded out in probably four or so years. It was more than time. I am proud to say I let go of three of the big black trash bags from Costco. Still I probably have a LOT of clothes. But when you are a teacher musician who presents at conferences and has concerts, yet has to attend galas, and now uses a wheelchair you need to have a lot of options in your clothing. All clothes will be stored at my parents house since it looks more and more I will be here for almost the entirety of 2022.

Lorraine looking at my friends bringing all my “removable fur” down

We filled up Mom’s car with clothes (which we will work on getting in their house the next couple of days) and the cats were totally like “Why are you moving your removable fur out of here?” I have moved cats a few times, and I firmly believe if they see you there while you are starting the upheaval, they will accept the move better. Not ideal I had to do this on the day I was reunited with them, but I honestly need to move fast. Lots of worries with the inflation rate and the geopolitical situations that I just want to be out and settled getting into my new situation. I know once I have this all closed out, I will be able to truly focus on my recovery. I honestly think my parents will be relieved at that point, because those who know me know I almost never turn completely off.

More tomorrow on where I am actually going and the crazy process I am entering into.

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