Normalcy Amongst Chaos

The BPO Concert Last Night- Photo Cred. Ian MacKenzie-Thurley

This week has been a lot. It’s been chaotic with deciding to sell my current home, and yet I finally got a small sense of normalcy with the BPO concert. It was great catching up with all of my friends old and new, though that came with telling the “what happened story” several times, which was fine, it’s good for me to tell people.


For the 7.5 hours of rehearsal and the 2 hours of the concert, I was able to let go of all the thoughts and just immerse myself in my job, of playing. It was different sure, and today I sure am feeling it, as I definitely used a different set of muscles from normal to play, plus all the moving about the last three days, I am for sure in a spoon deficit today, with minimal spoons. For those who have no idea what I am talking about with spoons check out this article. I slept like a rock, and didn’t get up until 10:30 this morning, when usually I am up around 8am. I’ve also noticed it is much harder for me to walk today using the walker. I hope that improves some tomorrow. I’ve also been having more nerve pain today and muscle spasms.

The Grand Bahama Model

Now to the chaos. It has taken some convincing, but my parents have finally agreed they do not need to be there for the entire packing process. It will go much faster if I let my wider circle and outpouring of support help me out here. I feel confident that I will be able to list my condo in Fairfield by my birthday which is coming up here soon. Building a home is all about the sale. It is my plan to build up here in the Middletown area, in a neighborhood called Sawyers Mill Ranches. I toured the Grand Bahama Model with my parents last Tuesday, and they realized how much it is the right home for me a the right time. The bonus is it is only about 10 minutes away from them. I would be trading my 20 minute backroads commute for a 30 minute highway commute, but as I said this is the best in my work, life, gig triangle I can manage in my price range. All of the doorways are ADA wide width, snow and grass are included in a nominal HOA fee. I know how lucky I am I will be able to swing the price of this place, when so many people who have disabled needs cannot. Affordable housing in this country is a real and present problem right now, doubly so for anyone with a disability.

The sales lady is a bit pushy, and for me to take advantage of a couple of things like an included covered back porch and such I need to move by the end of February. I am actively working towards that with the help of my family, I really truly couldn’t do this without them. Then comes the fact I have to sell my place. I am working with long time Princeton Music Booster and realtor Michael Maley of Comey and Shepherd. I feel confident that I will get what is needed, but I need to get my place packed and in storage, quickly. I couldn’t do this without my wider circle that is in my corner.

I feel as if I cannot fully focus in on my recovery moving forward until I have this wrapped up and in process. So to begin the process I am having Kendrick Moving and Storage out of Lebanon come and give me a quote for the storage/move on Tuesday. Then I am just letting my wider circle of people help with packing. My goal is to have my house ready to list by my birthday. That is the absolute best birthday gift I can receive this year.

More later….

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