Sleepy Sunday Thoughts

I like pretty purple tulips.

Bit of a sleepy Sunday Afternoon around here. Things seem to be calming down a bit, which is good and bad for my recovery. I always seem to have to be doing something, and I feel like I am not being productive just “recovering”. I know my body needs rest, and I know that I have to take things at a slower pace, but I have some cognitive dissonance around that fact. At least I will have Haggis to knit for, and that should help. I also need to finish some pokemon games on my switch.

Over 20 Thank You’s Going Out

This morning I finished the HUGE stack of thank you cards for everyone who has helped me out so far, whether it was with librarian duties, or with Cat Care, or just being a good or great friend during this time. Everything was noted, and I hope that everyone realizes how much even the little things helped me out. I’ve said it many times, but I do appreciate everyone who has reached out, read this blog, followed this blog, put up with my social media posts etc. This blog is partially my brain dump so I can process everything that is going on with me, and is therapeutic.

Surveying the outdoor kingdom.

The cats continue to settle in well, with the latest game between them and Dixie is getting out of her reach and she is barking at them. That is kind of annoying, but in general they are all doing well with each other. Yesterday while Dixie was at her Aunt Melanie and Uncle Mike’s (our neighbors) the cats spent their Dixie-free time by napping on their tree by the big picture window. My new place won’t have one of those, so they are truly going to be spoiled the next 8-9 months. They enjoy all sorts of zoomies with Dixie and when it happens, slumber party time on my bed when I want to watch something different from my parents.

I fits I naps Momma.

At orchestra this week, a lot of questions were asked about my ultimate recovery. The fact is I don’t know. Right now when out in a situation like an orchestra rehearsal, or the store, or the doctor’s office, I feel much more safe and confident in my chair. In my chair the chance of falling is much lower. My balance is really not good, so any little bump can wind up with me on the floor, and has almost happened with the pets and their zoomies around the house. I am used to it around the house, because I know I can get myself off the floor, which in public may or may not be as possible. My goals still are to be ambulatory around my parents and/or my house with minimal or no mobility aid assistance, with using a wheelchair out in the community for speed and safety. I can walk, but I at this time cannot walk fast enough to lead students out during a Fire Drill for instance. I can however wheel and keep up with them.

So close, yet so far….

I really want to start driving. I am itching to drive right now. It is the easiest thing I can do to gain back my independence. The fact that I cannot just up and go and do right now is what is hitting me the hardest. My right foot is pretty good, and I am sure I will be cleared by the OT who handles such things, but the wait right now is very hard. My car is here, I have the keys, but I am not driving yet. I hope that I will be able to drive myself independently by May/June. Right now, I am just happy I am saving on the gas prices.

Anyway it is nap time around here, and I am feeling one coming on today as well.

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