Appointment City

Steppin’ It Up in Therapy

Going to all of my appointments and coordinating them is a full time job. I am so glad my housing situation is mostly on track, I don’t know what I would do if I was still waiting on that to all get taken care of. In this week alone I have 5 appointments, and two were today. Two very different appointments but both vital to figuring out what is going on and how/when/if I am going to get better.


I have physical and/or occupational therapy at least two or three times a week, this week it is only two, only because tomorrow I have my repeat lumbar puncture. Then this week is particularly busy because I had that special vision test, which honestly is one of the odder tests I have ever had. This test, which measures how fast signals travel down your optic nerve is basically staring at a screen for an hour while black and white boxes flash in different patterns. Very boring and these patterns burn into your retinas I swear. I’m glad I didn’t have to drive after it (Shout out to Russ!) and I am also glad I had a few hours before my second appointment today. Gave me a chance to close my eyes and rid the pattern from my brain.

Then the appointment of the day was one with my Cardiologist, about the topic of replacing sparky 1.0 with sparky 2.0 so I can get an MRI to figure out what is going on with me. I was expecting him to decide more out of it, but it was surprisingly easy to get him to agree to a generator change. It comes down to, I really need the MRI to figure out what is going on with me, and Sparky 1.0 is nine years old, and well, when I am using a 9-year old unit 75% of the time, the ~2 years of battery they say is left could give out a lot faster than a new unit. Basically at this point given what is going on with me there are more pros than cons to getting Sparky 1.0 replaced. The battery transfer will take place in later May, so that means I can finally schedule out Therapies until late May, when I will have to take a week or so off to heal from the battery change.

Sparky Exchange Day is Set

What I understand of the battery change procedure is that it is an outpatient procedure, I should be home the same day, unless something goes wonky. Dr. Muth will keep the same scar, I will be twilighted, pop out the battery, test the leads, pop in the new one, test the unit and that is pretty much it. Then it is just healing and a check about two weeks after the battery replacement. Anyway, it is just adding to my appointment slates, hopefully soon I can get things done and back to work in August. That is still my goal.

More Later-

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