Wheelchairs and Things

The timeline

Today was another huge appointment, the meeting with OT and and National Seating and Mobility to finalize the paperwork of my new made to me chair. The timeline above lists that I can expect my chair anywhere between 2-6 months. Nick from National Seating and Mobility thinks I should be on the shorter end of that timeframe, considering I have two funding sources, my insurance and the BVR. I didn’t do a whole lot for this appointment, it was mostly my OT Jim and the NSM rep Nick getting all of their paperwork correct and confirming my selections for certain aspects of the chair. Fingers crossed that by the first week of JulyI am getting trained on my new chair.

I will be getting a titanium K0005 or ultra-light wheelchair. It will have a rigid frame, I am going with the brushed titanium so there is no paint to chip off, and a purple anodized color package for some purple highlights. It will have a solid seat bottom, spinergy ultra-light wheels, and I am applying for the smart drive system which will give me extra oomph when I need it for long distances. What insurance doesn’t cover, the BVR will cover most of it, but I may have a small out-of-pocket portion. To get what I need to function the best in my job that I can, I will pay some out of pocket if I have to.

Today was a nice day to wait outside after therapy

In other news, I scheduled my driving assessment today, I will be getting that done later this month. I hope I can start driving soon, as at least getting back that aspect of my independence is sorely needed. I at least want to visit my mudpit on my own schedule and whenever I want. There are only so many errands my Mom and/or Dad can run while I am in therapy. We are making it work as usual with the help of Karen and Melissa/Dan but I want to be able to do these things for myself, and my schedule is quite full. Hopefully it is not too involved to get used to hand controls and get driving again.

Marty and Lorraine are doing quite well, though Dixie has taken to barking at them when they are somewhere where she can’t quite get, and that is getting old fast. Marty is being a big cuddle bug while I type this post, but he was pretty violent earlier when we played with rainbow unicorn wand.

Other random things, I have started the owl blanket, and finished the previous blanket and blocked it. More pictures on that next time.

That’s all for now! More later-

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