A Slight Detour

Well, things don’t always go to plan, and that is certainly the case this past week. I landed in the hospital this past weekend with a severe allergic reaction and infection around my surgery site.

I first noticed that a rash around my incision and such was spreading on Tuesday, so I started taking benadryl. I had been dealing with some severe itching before that and I hoped that the benadryl would take care of that. Well that didn’t work and I ended up getting a fever late Wednesday and into Thursday.

Called the service, and they said I had to go get seen so that meant it was time for the ED. We got to the ED about 3:15 and I was back by about 5:15 so not too bad. The tests all came back like they weren’t sure it was all allergic or partially infected so I was admitted pretty quick, however I did not get to my room until 2am. Needless to say I didn’t sleep too much. I was hoping to get a nap.

The doctors did their usual back and forth, got seen by cardiology, and they wanted to triple make sure there was no infection on my pacemaker/chest so I had an Echocardiogram and some other imaging. All of that came back clear.

They pumped me full of antibiotics for a few days just to be sure, and I got released on Sunday. I have slept quite a bit today, but I feel it was needed so I could fight this infection. The strong antihistamines they have me on also make me a bit sleepy. All and all everyone said I did the right thing going in, even though it meant another hospital stay.

Back to Therapy this week and the hole for my house has been dug and the foundation poured so I will be doing a house update post soon!

More Later.

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