A Long Awaited House Update

Pouring the Foundation

While I have been dealing with my slight detour with my health, Ryan Homes finally broke ground on my house. They broke ground on May 31st, which makes my delivery date somewhere in very late August or early September. By the end of the first week they had the foundation poured. That of course had to cure over the first weekend while I was in the hospital, but it made my stay a little better knowing that work was finally beginning

The Egress Window in the Basement

This week they were busy letting the concrete cure, and I had my project manager get a really cool shot of the egress window from the inside of the foundation.

Things are moving really fast which is really cool to see. They were also busy laying in the plumbing in the basement, and my plumbing rough ins, as although my basement won’t be finished when I move in, it is way easier to get the rough ins now then add plumbing later. This week my project manager sent me this picture of the plumbing which I am keeping just so I know roughly where all my lines are for the future.

The Plumbing

The rest of this week was spent getting the waterproofing of the foundation done, and they finally removed the giant dirt pile from the front of my yard. That dirt pile had some of my future left-handed neighbor’s from their build in it, and was obstructing my view any time I convinced my parents to go visit. It’s gone now so I can see the progress much better.

My project manager says this week my basement floor and garage floor should get poured, the steel beams should go in on top of my foundation and my framing is due to be delivered towards the end of the week. I am so excited, because although I love and appreciate my parents, I’m ready to be back on my own again.

My Foundation

More Later…

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