Paperwork Blues

I haven’t written much here on the blog because there hasn’t been much to report. I’ve also been fighting probably my deepest depression since all of this started. It is directly related to the fact that it takes literally forever to get this paperwork sorted so I can get back to my life. I’ve lacked the motivation to do much of anything.

Yes, I am still relying on my parents if I want to go anywhere. Yes, I am able to drive once my car is modified. No, the BVR hasn’t gotten everything processed yet. I am hoping that at least the car can get sorted here in the next couple of weeks so I can practice some because at this point I haven’t driven in over a month again, and before I get into the daily grind of back to school I want to get in practice of driving again. Plus, even though gas is high, just being able to go where I want, when I want will be so good for my mental health.

The wheelchair is a whole other mess. National Seating and Mobility should have everything at this point so we can get things ordered. I have to call and confirm tomorrow because apparently they weren’t in the office yesterday and they were just getting to things that had been sent over on Tuesday.

I am afraid of everything coming all at once. I am afraid that I will have to basically build my plane while flying it and I know from experience that is stressful and not fun. I am worried about being exhausted early in the school year because of “life”. I am worried that I will have almost no leave so I will be scheduling as many late afternoon appointments as I can which makes my days even longer.

House progress is moving right along. The framing got delivered and they have the framing up, and last I saw my house was looking more and more like a home. Things are good on that front it seems like. Next step there will be the pre-drywall meeting which should be sometime this month. I think that still puts me on target for end of August or Early September for completion.

I’ve recently re-upped my Paramount+ membership because that is where Star Trek lives, plus it has Big Brother Feeds and I do like me some Big Brother this time of year. It is my annual summer guilty pleasure show. I’ve also caught up with Strange New Worlds, and so far I feel that show is very well done. I’m enjoying it. I have also started Discovery, and I am enjoying that, but it feels with the longer story arcs that every episode is a cliffhanger.

Hopefully I have more to report next week. I’ll be slightly miffed if I don’t.

More Later…

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