Assessments and Things

Sometimes squeaky wheels and talking about things get the grease, and that certainly happened after I posted about the Paperwork Blues last week. I finally feel as if things are moving again, even though things are still agonizingly slow.

Thing number one is my wheelchair finally got processed to order. I am still awaiting an ETA, but just the huge hurdle of having it ordered and knowing it is coming is a huge relief.

The new setup of the tech lab- Not to scale.

Second thing is I finally had my in-school assessment. A huge plus is the building I teach in is only 7 years old, which means all the big things (doorways, thresholds) are ADA compliant. I won’t be able to use the upstairs practice rooms, but the music department is graciously planning on accommodating me when I have assistant duties in downstairs practice rooms. My main teaching room will need a setup change, hopefully this makes it more wheelchair accessible, but the room setup will be a WIP. My brother-in-law is going to come in on August 4th and 5th with me to set things up with the keyboards and other items that might be hard for me to complete on my own. The BVR will be purchasing adjustable desks for my workstation and a lightweight mac computer. Other than that I should be good to go. I have to say that is a big weight off and now I can worry about what I am going to tell students and figuring out how to teach from a wheelchair. I must say wheeling around the building is quite easy, once I get in, you don’t notice slopes so much until you have to wheel up them.

My House has a roof and windows!

Things elsewhere are also progressing like with my house, As of a driveby today it is “under roof” with roofing shingles on, and the HVAC was in today. It has windows, and the back porch is also roughed in. Right now my pre-drywall meeting will take place later this month, and I think siding and things will start soon as well.

The Owl Blanket!

I’ve also finished a knitting project, my Sister’s owl blanket, I am happy with how it turned out, all except the embroidery. This is the first time I’ve done any extensive embroidery on knitting, and I think it came out alright, but it definitely is not my cup of tea in knitting projects. I have started a new afghan, and I am working on a Mystery Knit Along Cowl. I’m doing these as I am doing my best to NOT stress over the school year, and not start working on school stuff until the first week of August. I will be checking email periodically as I need to stay up on my accomodations and things but that is it. It’s also Big Brother season so that helps here and there.

More Later…

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  1. So glad things are aligning for you. Love the house and can’t wait for you to share the final project.
    Wishing you the best


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