House Update!

I was able to get into my house today for the first time.

It’s been a few weeks since I dedicated a blog post to an update on my house, and this weekend is a great time to get into it, because today I had my pre-drywall meeting and I thought it went really well. It is hot and sultry today, but we had the meeting right before lunch, and I was able to get in there. It took a lot of effort to walk on the uneven ground to get into the house but I did okay, glad I had my cane. Overall things seem to be moving quite a bit, and that makes me happy. I was also able to get some final move in dates estimated so that is exiting.

Electrical boxes are in the garage now.

Electrical boxes are in the garage now, which I am thankful for, because having them in the basement is harder for me to get up and down stairs. I can do them, but they aren’t easy. There was a whole bunch of drywall sitting in the garage ready to get going on that this week. Other than that my garage is pretty basic. I am happy that there is insulation behind my master shower, and there is a storage nook in the garage, I will have to work out how I am going to use that space eventually.

The Front Guestroom

My project manager Allie is really great at explaining all the things that are going on. She explained all the house plots and information is on the windows for all the contractors to view as they come in and do work on my house. The front bedroom will feature a ceiling fan rough in, and as you can see it will have one window at the front of the house, and it gets plenty of light since it is a northish exposure. The rooms look small right now because they are just framed out and not too much to write home about with them at the moment.

Can see through to the kitchen for now

The third bedroom will be my new music studio once it is all finished. The third bedroom backs into my kitchen and is next to the second bath so you can see the vent ductwork for the stove vent and the bathroom vent there. I hope I can fit my one couch in my music studio because that would be awesome. I really want a couch in it. The guest bath is pretty basic, but I have no qualms with it. They have the shower roughed in already which is great and helps to visualize the space a bit more already.

The Kitchen

The kitchen has plenty of electric so I am excited for it to start to take shape. There is a window over the sink, I have never had that in a home of my own, though several of my childhood homes had that feature. The houses are pretty close together, so there is not much view from the window, but it isn’t directly in my neighbors window or anything so that is good. You can also see all the drywall that is getting ready to go up and through everything as well. I am sure I will do another house update and have some kitchen pictures for you.

Ceiling Fan in Covered Porch!

My covered porch adds so much real living space for me and I am so glad I paid for a ceiling fan rough in. I won’t get to use it too much this season, but I envision myself taking my morning coffee out there next summer if it isn’t too hot in the morning. It will also have a stairwell to the back yard, so I am undecided if I will be a critter feeder or not to keep the cats entertained. Marty and Lorraine have been ultra spoiled with Cat TV out the back window of my parents house. We will see how my mobility is before I make considerations there. Still having the ceiling fan on the covered porch will be nice as there will always be a breeze, though today there was a nice natural breeze blowing through.

The Living Area/Laundry Room

The living room is full of drywall at the moment, but you can see it is nice and spacious. It will easily fit all of the furniture I already have that has been in storage since March. You can see the big return duct in the middle there, they run a big return in the living areas now as that is more energy efficient. I will have a data port and elevated electric plug in the living room and in my bedroom as I plan on hanging my TV’s in those rooms and want fewer cords to deal with. I hope I have in my budget to get a new living room TV and to have my older larger TV in my bedroom, but we will see.

The Laundry Room

The Laundry room being on the main living level is HUGE for me as that was one of the main considerations for me doing this anyway. I can just wheel or drag my hampers from my master closet to my first floor laundry which is steps away from my master bedroom. Another thing to note is that my entire house is pex plumbing. That is the standard now and it is so great to not have to worry about bad connections like you would have with the old copper piping. It looks like in this configuration the washer will be on the left and the dryer on the right, which is the way I like it. I took advantage of some Fourth of July sales and got a really good deal on a front loader set which I will put on pedestals as it is really hard for me to balance and bend over for traditional laundry pairs.

The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom had a lot of drywall in it, so getting a good picture was kind of hard. I am looking forward to having more electrical capacity than my old bedroom and it will be somewhat bigger as well. I am losing my shelve storage area but I am putting in something similar in my master closet. Speaking of, it is on their quality checklist that I have to have the crappy closet things installed when I close so although Grumpy Daddy isn’t happy about it there is literally not much to be done about having to take those down and put in my elfa closet system. That is just one of those things that “it is what it is”.

So that brings us to the timeline. My wonderful project manager Allie let me know that right now they are on track to be finished in mid September, and my tentative house training date is Friday, September 16th. Usually closing is within a week of that so that puts me closing sometime around the 20th through 23rd of September. There is a concert at Pyramid Hill that weekend, so not much moving in will take place that weekend. I need my closets/pantry, my things out of storage and at least my kitchen functioning before I move in. I am tentatively putting out an all call for my friends to help move in my stuff from my parents house on October 1st, and my goal is to be moved in and living in my house the weekend of October 7th, and that includes the cats.

In other news all of my schedule accommodations for school got approved this week so while I am still anxious about the start of the school year, I know I will figure it out. There hasn’t been much movement on the car situation (much to my frustration) but I know that will happen eventually and I know my parents will get me to and from school if it doesn’t happen by early August.

More Later…

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