Summer Knitting Projects

I have had one of the most productive summers when it comes to knitting in a long time. I don’t know if it was having someone to knit for (my new niece) or just because I needed diversions but I finished several projects this summer. I am also trying to keep my momentum going on knitting because it is a good outlet for me, so hopefully I can continue to keep the knitting vibes going through the autumn.

Sprout Blanket- Finished in May

First I finished the sprout blanket in May, and I gave it to my sister for my niece at the first shower I attended. I love this blanket, it is easy to whip up and is the perfect size for a car seat blanket, or a smaller blanket. The pattern repetitive enough that you don’t have to pay attention too much but interesting enough that you aren’t totally bored with it after 5 minutes. All and all a great project.

Spendy Bit of Yarn turned into…

Next I took my little spendy bit of yarn I purchased and made a rainbow cowl. This was an easy and mindless project that traveled well. I took it to Columbus when I went earlier this summer and worked on it in my hotel room. The pattern was easy and it blocked beautifully as you can see from the pictures. The wonderland yarns are so soft and so beautiful, I didn’t mind the slight spendy on this, as it turned out great!.

This wonderful Cowl!!
The Owl Blanket

Next I started and finished the owl blanket for my sister and my new niece. Melissa always said she wanted a softer version of a blanket she had (and still has) as a kid. The original was probably made of red heart or the early 1980’s equivalent. I updated the colors and feel with some Berroco Vintage worsted, which is a great wool/acrylic blend that washes like a dream. Hopefully the embroidery will last as I am not the worlds greatest at it. This was another one that was quick and easy on the knitting for me, as the blocks were quite repetitive.

Lastly I joined a mystery knit along at my local yarn shop, Main Street Yarns in Mason, OH. It was a cowl and it did features some fiddly bits. I chose a gold with some tweed in it and a purple to contrast. I am really happy with how it came out. There were parts that were kind of mindless but not too bad, and I learned about and practiced some mosaic knitting which is a way of carrying color. It really is a beautiful cowl, and I will enjoy wearing it once it isn’t 1000 degrees or something. Cowls are an easy way to accessorize in a wheelchair without things potentially getting caught in your spokes.

Heading back to the classroom on Thursday/Friday this week, so hopefully I can get my classroom in order. I’ve already done all of my online trainings for now (yes I had the Kitchen Fire extinguisher question) and I have done most of the computer/slide work for the first week or so of school so I feel pretty confident heading into everything.

More Later…

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  1. Oh goodness!! I live in Cincinnati too and have shopped at Main Street! It’s a bit of a trip for me as Silk Road Textiles and Lambikins in Hamilton are closer to me. Love your baby blanket patterns.


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