Settling Into Life

The last month has been crazy busy. I closed on my house, I moved, and finally my car came through and I am driving again. I joked to my primary care doctor and orchestra friends that I am finally a “full adult all grown-up again”. I must say it feels good, but it has been a bit busy to blog.

I still don’t feel as if my house is ready for “pinterest perfect” pictures but I am getting close. My bedroom is a nice relaxing space and I am so glad to have “my bed” back. I did get new nightstands from Ikea, and new lamps as well, I thought it was time to have some matching furniture. After all, I am over 40 and generally people have nice matching furniture by this time in their lives.

My living room is finally complete with a 65″ 4K TV that I got for an absolute steal from Costco. The picture on it is really good and it works wonderfully with my soundbar. The cat’s don’t bother pillows so I got some fall decor pillows from Home Goods before I moved in and my couch is decked out for fall. Marty and Lorraine are settling in well, getting used to not being terrorized by a little dog, and being more playful with each other but still snuggling up for a kitty cuddle every now and then.

I have been gradually putting up the decor with the help of my Dad. I first had to get over the fact of making holes in my brand new walls, but I quickly sorted that. My coffee bar is a nice place to display some things, and although this picture is a bit older, I have cleaned up/rehomed a few things on the bottom shelf since, namely the clock as well. I love my coffee bar, and it is a good place to display some of my decor. I did finally figure out all the places for things in my kitchen, though my kitchen is packed full.

My attention now is turning to a couple of doctor’s appointments I have coming up. Namely my neurology appointment and my endocrinology appointment. The good thing is the neurologist’s office called me and told me there were no signs of MS, but also didn’t tell me if there was anything that indicated what happened to me in January. I hope I find out at my appointment at the beginning of next month. At my causal reading of the MRI report there are some spinal column changes at T6-7 that indicates I could have impinged nerves. I don’t want surgery, but if surgery will fix me or at least prevent me from getting worse then it is something I am willing to do.

I am seeing an endocrinologist because they are having issues figuring out exactly what is going on with my spinal injuries and my bladder. I apparently make more urine than I should which potentially indicates an endocrinology problem. I continue to keep myself on a schedule which for the most part works. I think I might be having a small UTI at the moment because the past week or so my frequency urges have been up (I can’t feel until im too full) and as a result I’ve had more leaks luckily covered by the depends underwear I wear most days. The culture is out for the UTI so we will see what that says.

All and all though life is good, and I am so happy to be a “full adult” again, and on my own in my new house. I hope to return to some knitting and everything but with a concert for the BPO next week my busy schedule continues.

More Later-

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