Everything All at Once

Well we always knew September would be busy, and that has absolutely turned out to be true. First off I am officially an Auntie as of earlier this week, so that is one of the “impending” things of September already done and dusted. My sister and niece are doing well and are resting and recovering at home.


Next is my wheelchair is finally due to be delivered next week. I am low-key excited for this as I will have my own custom to me chair that hopefully fits me better and I can get in and out of the car easier. All of the parts finally came in earlier this week and National Seating and Mobility is working to assemble and deliver my chair by next Thursday. I know they will do a good job.

The other thing is that I also finally have a closing date! I will be closing on my house the week of 9/19 so I will be doing a gradual move in. The pictures my project manager sent me today are gorgeous! I am really excited that my house is almost done.

The Outside- Looking Good!

I am going to be gradually moving in, as some things need to be done to prepare for my arrival. I have to have a grab bar in my shower installed, and my furniture has to be delivered out of storage. Then my Aunt Dor and my Mom will be taking some time to get my kitchen together so that I can function. My Dad will be taking a day from work to install my custom Elfa closets.

The Kitchen from the living area

I must say everything looks great, and next Friday I get to tour my house with my project manager and learn all the ins and outs of the place. If anyone has October 1st free, I could use the help getting things out of my parent’s house. I would then leave about a week’s worth of clothes at my parent’s house and then the plan is to move the cats on October 8th, which is when I would then start living in my house on my own.

The only sticky wicket is that I don’t know if I will be driving by then. The parts have been ordered for my car, but Mobility Works was very clear it might take between 2-6 weeks for the parts to come in, then my car can be modified. I hope I actually remember how to drive by the time this gets done lolz.

More later…

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