Energy Management

It’s officially the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and that means it is one of the busiest for any and all musicians. Just the day to day at school is taking more out of me, and it is a grind. I am up at 4:45am every school day, so that I am in the building by 6:30am. I am thoroughly gassed by 2:30pm.

I hesitate to take a nap when I get home because I want to fall asleep at a normal hour, or I am afraid of sleeping through dinner and then what happens, so I rarely take a nap. Most days I do at least relax, and watch some TV or play some video games. That means that my days and evenings are all about energy management. That is particularly hard this time of year.

Next week I have two evenings out with concerts at school, and they are back to back which makes it even harder on me. I suspect next Friday the 9th I will be very much a zombie, and just getting through the day in whatever way I can. Concerts are great, and I am glad to support the students, but the extra hours take a greater toll for me now and I have to be mindful of that.

The weekends are not much better this time of year, this coming weekend I will be traveling to Columbus for the Fall OEA Representative assembly, of which I am proud to represent Princeton, but I am planning Sunday as a “no” day in which I do my best to rest and relax all day. I do have a clear weekend in the middle of the month, but I will be prepping BPO folders that weekend.

This post may seem a bit of venting/complaining, and I suppose it is just a tad, it just is while I would be struggling by the end of the season before my illness, I am worried this year. I don’t want to end up sick for the holidays. I am usually in bed by 9pm on school nights and some of these concerts will have me getting home after that. I suppose I will just have to do the best I can.

I got my MRA yesterday, so I am awaiting results from that, but I also have to go that no news is good news on this scan as they were checking for stroke or vascular problems in my brain.

I will be starting physical therapy over winter break, it was literally the first appointment I could get. I hope to get better with my walking but I am coming to accept that a day at school on my feet might no longer be possible for me. Regardless, I hope they can help with some of the back pain and muscle spasms that I seem to struggle with.

Anyway I will see everyone on the flip side, hopefully I have enough juice to make it to the end!

More Later-

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