Four Elevators and a Lift

I know I haven’t blogged for a bit, and I don’t really have good excuses other than my life to me at least seems boring. I just spent the last three days at the Ohio Music Educators Association annual conference. I gave a session on Google Tips and Tricks that was well received, so that made me happy. In my day to day life I have plenty of accessibility to do my job and in my home, but this trip let me know that sometimes accessibility is not convenient.

I was staying at a hotel attached to the Columbus Convention center, and for me to get from my hotel to the presentation rooms it was four elevators and a lift. Thankfully all were in good repair and working, because without those five pieces of accessibility I would not have been able to be at the conference effectively. It goes down to things you don’t think about until you are faced with needing them.

Another aspect is that although I am getting more confident with driving, I still wasn’t up to doing the roughly two hours to Columbus and back. I had my parents driving me, which was a good option, luckily the weather turned out to be cold, but nice so we didn’t have to deal with weather. Again I am very thankful for my parents and their willingness to help out.

My energy is getting better, but this conference tired me out. I have spent much of today resting and sleeping. I have a full five-day week planned at school, and I have physical therapy and other things to do this week like take Marty to the vet. He is currently sitting on my lap as I type this blog post, purring up a storm like he normally does.

Anyway I had a good conference despite all the elevators and lifts. The rest of February is pretty chill, not much to be going on about.

More Later…

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