First Disquiet Project

I have wanted to participate in the Disquiet Junto for a long time, but again many things prevented me (mostly computer hardware) from fully realizing this goal. This week’s topic spoke to me, and more details on the topic can be found here: Disquiet0481

My Current Battle Station

I love the sarabande from the 2nd Cello Suite by Bach so I decided I would record part/all of that and work with it. This seems as good of a time as any to put in a picture of my setup. I basically have all the pieces and parts. For Podcasting/Online Teaching I have a Rode podmic which I LOVE. For other instrument recording I have the Rode M3. Rode makes wonderful economic mics, that I love the way I sound on them.

Lorraine being a derp

Well there is a learning curve with all the new gear I have upgraded with in the last few weeks, and I often use a program called Loopback to route my sound for online meetings and for school. I forgot this was on when I recorded the sarabande! Therefore it recorded into a creepy mess with lots of echo. Sometimes though you need to work with things, and while I love music production, need to practice it like anything, I also need to do life things like laundry today, so I worked with it. On a side note, Lorraine was being extra cute taking up residence in my viola case this morning, so of course I had to snap a picture of that.

Overall I am happy with my entry, and my goal is to get better as I do these things. Here is my track on the SoundCloud.

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