Music For Teens Episode 1-3

Music for Teens Episode 1-3 “Are the Teenagers Alright?” is now live! With the one year anniversary of remote learning and shutdowns many articles have been written on the status of school-aged children and teens. Depending on who you ask the students are either thriving or they are drowning. Like all things the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Also addressed in this episode, how we as music teachers in a non-performance elective capacity can reduce stress on students and make them lifelong music lovers and consumers. Music in my opinion should always be a positive experience.

This episode features insights and data i have gathered myself in this brave new world of remote teaching and learning.  Remember, this is just me and my situation, and my data has not been peer reviewed.  Also, all opinions are my own, take them or leave them.

04- Addressing Western European Bias in Music History Music for Teens

When asked to revise and restart a course that hadn't been offered for the better part of a decade at my school,  I took it as an opportunity to diversify the topics addressed in a music history course.  Using Ethan Hein's blog post on Teaching Whiteness in Music Class,  I took a real reflective look at the barriers of music history and how it is not all about the Beethoven, Bach and Brahms.  I also address how to talk about the hard topics of past and current racism and classism in the music industry with students.Strategies are also given on how to implement student choice in assignments, and make assignments that your students will actually want to complete.  
  1. 04- Addressing Western European Bias in Music History
  2. 03- Are the Teenagers Alright?
  3. 02- The Teenage Brain and Music Class
  4. Why Music for Teens?

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