Spring, Rethought

Currently we are getting a spring storm here in the Cincinnati, OH area, and as a part of my season remixes during the current season, I started with Vivaldi’s Spring Concerto (Op.8 No.1) 2nd Mvt. Here is my description:

A photo from last spring, proof spring never is around for long.

The march of time never quite ceases. This remix and modern take on Vivaldi’s Spring Violin Concerto (Op. 8 No.1), second movement, hope and renewal, murmuring springs with a modern edge. Still sleepy melody soars over all. As the shepherd naps, the beat momentarily disrupts, but the shepherd soon awakens, and like spring moves on.

At first I thought I would record some of the parts with both my violin and viola, but I wasn’t happy with it, so I switched to all software sounds. Maybe I will do that for a future project. I started with the second movement because it is short, and is supposed to be contemplative, but it also has a distinct undercurrent that fits with unusual beats well. Putting together a competent beat in a triple meter is always challenging, but I think I did a good job with my “shepherd awake” vs. “shepherd asleep” beats. Like the picture I took last spring, things are sometimes out of focus. The arpeggiator for the murmuring strings is actually a 1/24 arpeggiator, but that is where I felt the groove best.

Don’t know if I will submit for the Junto this week, it is Haiku based, which I can do, but I am unsure how to approach, maybe it will come to me as I sleep and slumber.

Anyway, before the storm here gets too bad (supposed to have CRAZY winds later) I better finish this up. Until next time!

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