Trapped in Spring

I’m feeling a bit trapped in spring. Maybe its my allergies, maybe its the fact that the school year is a bit long in the tooth at the moment and needs to be done, but here is my next installment of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Violin concertos remixed. 1st Movement this time, and while it isn’t an exact replica (I didn’t do the minor and different keys of the main theme) I did keep the scenes somewhat as is.

I included the birds, the babbling brook and the thunderstorm. Synced it up with a trap beat (yes it’s a loop, I find myself better at chord and arpeggio creation), and added a few extras. I am happy with the result.

I should put out another podcast episode, but my determination has been wavering somewhat recently. Again, mostly end of the school year and testing blahs.

Hopefully this isn’t too tropey for you. Enjoy Trapped in Spring.

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