Assessments and Things

Sometimes squeaky wheels and talking about things get the grease, and that certainly happened after I posted about the Paperwork Blues last week. I finally feel as if things are moving again, even though things are still agonizingly slow. Thing number one is my wheelchair finally got processed to order. I am still awaiting an… Continue reading Assessments and Things

Wheelchairs and Things

Today was another huge appointment, the meeting with OT and and National Seating and Mobility to finalize the paperwork of my new made to me chair. The timeline above lists that I can expect my chair anywhere between 2-6 months. Nick from National Seating and Mobility thinks I should be on the shorter end of… Continue reading Wheelchairs and Things

Care Management is a full time job.

As I sit here starting Bridgerton Season 2 (yes Kristen, I have started it and we will need to debrief) I feel like I am the Lady Whistledown of my own life. So much to tell people, and debrief on, and yet, I don’t want to Facebook/Instagram post every day. My blog is my semi-incognito… Continue reading Care Management is a full time job.