A long awaited knitting post

The Sprout Blanket

One of the ways I keep busy/engaged is through knitting, and with my sister being pregnant it is time to knit “all” the baby items. Before we knew the gender of said baby, I knitted a blanket that I knew my sister had admired when I made it before. It’s called sprout, and it features a increase/decrease leaf motif and is a great small blanket.

So Many French Knots incoming….

Next my sister and I did an outing in late March to choose the colors for the Owl Blanket. She is going with a starry sky theme for her nursery so the owl blanket will fit in perfect for it. When I can sit down and not be interrupted, I can finish a block an hour on this, as it is only 36 stitches by 32 rows per block, and the pattern is very repetitive. Due to lots of life and music with the BPO, I am not as far along as I would like, but I have finished one strip, and it is my goal to have this finished the early part of June. The finishing is going to be the devil on this, as all of the owls have french knots for eyes (something I haven’t done, but I am sure YouTube will tell me) and also I have to sew the strips together, at least I am not doing each individual block. I also plan on putting on an edging, eye cord or something to give it a more finished look.

After that I am taking a break from the baby knitting for awhile and I am going to make a quick something for me. A very splurgy skein of yarn caught my eye at Main Street Yarns the other day, and I am going to make a cowl out of it. Yes it is rainbow, and it will knit up in a rainbow cowl. I am having to rethink part of my wardrobe, and sometimes simpler is better, but I do want more accessories, and cowls like these shouldn’t get in the way of my wheelchair and yet also provide some accessorizing.

The yarn shop my Mom and I frequent is having a summer bingo card for prizes. I already have a great start on my bingo, and I plan on my new technique being the french knots (I guess that is a technique?) and I am still researching which book I want to read, there are a couple of contenders. A lot of knitting based books are romance oriented which is not my favorite genre, but I suppose I might grin and bear it to get a bingo or two on my card. In any case it is prompting me to knit some at least.

The rest of this week is busy with BPO, and I am looking forward to next week with my sparky change next Friday. It is also the end of the school year, so I feel like school will not be always at the back of my brain again.

More Later…

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