A post about pee

After being rescheduled, I finally had my urodynamic study done yesterday. This test was to give some insight on to what is happening with my bladder and how I can best manage it going forward.

Grippy Socks!

First, this test involves them manually filling your bladder, and is somewhat invasive. You also have to get fully dressed up in operation garb complete with grippy socks and fashionable hat. No IV line though so that is good, didn’t have to have my veins assaulted. Once dressed up in your garb they then have you wheeled into the operating room ready for your test.

You first void into a special toilet where they measure how much urine was already in your bladder. For me it was about 650 ml. I didn’t feel like I had to go. More on that later.

Then they put some catheters in, and start filling, and use electrodes to feel when your muscles start to contract or relax. I didn’t feel a thing until about 650 ml, most people start to feel their bladder being full at 150 ml. So that was not normal so to speak. They also documented my trouble in starting my stream, even though I was contracting and trying to get it to start. Eventually I was able to go. I had some stress leaks at about 825 ml, they way they test that is to have you cough. In general I don’t leak unless I am extremely full and under some stress.

Had the follow up this morning, and it was mostly good news. I now have it documented that I have some serious sensory deficits when it comes to my bladder function. I cannot feel when I need to go until it is pretty emergent that I go. The good news is when I do go, I void completely, so there is little to no urine left in the bladder. That means my infection risk while somewhat elevated due to my sensory issues is not all that much higher than a normal person. I also will not need to catheterize myself at this time.

So the solution? Right now keep doing what I have been doing, keeping myself on a schedule, every 2-3 hours making sure I use the restroom. Nights will continue to be a struggle because I don’t wake up until it’s almost too late. I have to do another urine voiding diary, just to check for something called polyuria, though they (the urology people) seem to think that is a very small possibility.

This is where one of my ADA accommodations for my schedule at work is going to be vitally important. I have requested that I not teach more than two classes in a row, that will keep me at that 2-3 hour range to use the restroom. Hopefully that can be accommodated easily.

More later…

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