House Update-Stealth Mode Edition

Cabinets in the Garage!

As the days go by we are getting closer and closer to my house getting completed. My sister, brother-in-law and I decided to take a stealth mode visit today to see how things were going. First in the garage are my cabinets and what looks like vanity tops and sinks. So that is exciting that these major pieces of my house are soon to be included. I can’t wait until they are installed because my house will really start to look like a home then as we get closer to my closing date. We went in today without informing my project manager so yeah, hence the title of stealth mode.

The Shower!

The reason we wanted to go there today was to measure the windows, now that the drywall was up for blinds. I will want blinds almost as soon as I am ready to move in, particularly in the bedrooms, so we went in. Got to see some other progress as the tile guy was there finishing up my tile in my two bathrooms and in my shower. We wanted to measure for studs in the shower but we were about 2 hours too late to do that. Oh well, I do have a good picture from my project manager this week where the studs are so that will have to do.

The Kitchen, pre-cabinets!

The other reason we were there is because it was time to measure for blinds. All of my windows are pretty much the same width which makes it easy, and they are all the same height. The only one that is really different is the one above the sink in the kitchen and I am not 100% sure I want to put a blind there right away. I can always order another blind later from When I look through that window, I see my neighbors house but it isn’t like I am looking straight into their own windows or anything, so I may just leave that without a blind treatment long term. We shall see.

My Backyard

It looks like my backyard will be fairly flat, which is nice. I should be able to go out and putz around there if I need to, and/or my Dad and brother-in-law will help me with sprinkler setup once the sod comes and gets going. My area out the back will be really nice with my covered porch, I really am looking forward to that space and I hope to get some nice wind chimes and other sun/wind catchers to put up on the porch. It looks like it will be very private, and nice and small, which is fine by me. There will be a set of stairs leading down from the porch to the backyard so that will be a nice way for me to access it when I am feeling up to it.

This week is getting back in the school swing of things, including a full week of classes with students. The BPO also has rehearsal on Friday night, so I am looking forward to that. All and all wheeling around school doesn’t tire me out too badly, and the students so far (after two days) have been completely understanding. We will continue to see how that goes longer term.

More Later…

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