Back to School

Now that I have been through a full two weeks of school I figured it was time for an update. Truth is things have been going really well, and the students are being generally good citizens.

I know now that teaching from a wheelchair while not ideal in some of my classrooms is possible, and the students are very accomodating, helping me out when needed. Where they need to help me the most is in my music tech lab, which while it has been rearranged, still has some tight corners when I have a full class (I do have two maxed out classes of 26). I just tell them to budge up a bit and/or move their backpacks which often get in the way. They do that gladly because they want my help.

I’ve settled into my new class routine quite well, the equally spaced breaks in my day mean I never feel as I have an emergency for the restroom which hopefully will prevent me getting any UTI’s which are miserable.

I maneuver in my wheelchair quite well, and this week I also unlocked a new wheelchair skill, I learned how to pop a wheelie! I can’t hold it in position yet, but if I encounter a small bump that I can’t quite get over I feel confident I could pop over it now. This is all in my current loaner, which while better than my first loaner is not entirely made for me.

Speaking of my wheelchair, according to the order status they are only waiting on the frame to start assembly. The frame was due in 8/18/22 but it hasn’t made it in yet. They custom build each frame, so of course there is a cue and I have no idea where exactly I am at in that cue. Hopefully it will be there soon, but my current chair is perfectly adequate. I now know that I cannot teach without the wheelchair, I am not usually too tired at the end of the day, where if I was on my feet all day I would be.

On other things in my life, my paperwork approval for my car finally got sorted this week. It will be done through Mobility Works. This sector is also experiencing production delays. The materials could be here in as little as two weeks or as long as six weeks. I am hoping it is closer to the two, as I am more than ready to be driving on my own again. I also know that the early wakeups is not easy on my Dad, as I am at school by 6:30am. That means we are out the door every day by 6am.

I don’t have an official closing date on my house yet, but I hope I will soon. The pictures coming in have cabinets and carpet. I will be heading in to see the progress this week with my Mom so I am excited to see the progress.

All and all I am busy, and I hope that things all start to come together soon.

More Later…

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